Sunday, March 23, 2014

a look at the space 3 years later

Well as we get ready to plan our departure from the bay area and thus from our wonderful warehouse I just wanted to post some nice photos that shows the entire space (Marcus' room is too messy to photograph so I may add those in later) and what we've done!


mason jar chandelier Christmas gift

I forgot to post this but I came home from my parents house on Christmas 2012 and the house was completely dark except this amazing jar chandelier that Al had made. Ever since we moved in I had been bugging him about wanting one. It turned out PERFECT!

It's blocked in this photo but the light switch for the chandelier is in the corner behind the latter.

Going through old photos o the place I found a couple shots of our holiday decor. Our tree topper is an old glamor shot of our good friend Jon. The tree fabric was given to me by my co-worker Kathleen, I safety pinned some lights to it.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

the final corner: a retrospective




electrical wired, wall paneled, everything set up!

The final corner: downstairs wall and lights

Al wired in lighting, outlets and a switch on the wall that borders our bedroom

put cool light bulbs in

and covered the wall in pallet shingles


The final corner: downstairs tool/workspace

Al made a little work table for under the stairs

it's going to be where he stashes his tools and can work on things/spread out projects

he also put in a little pull string light above it

The final corner: upstairs lighting

Al ran the wiring for lighting upstairs

which were made out of tin cans!

these were tomato cans and so the insides are stained redish which gives the compact florecents a nice warm glow

there's two by the cubbies

and three more across the space

The final corner: upstairs cubbies

Al made some cubbies for me to store my sewing stuff

took down the section of wall where they would live...
put em in!

fabric and sewing supplies galore!

then we moved my machines upstairs

and it's done for now!